Without music life would be a mistake

“Friederich Nietzsche”

Welcome to my new sheet music store

It was time after 12 years of online operation to revise and redesign my entire sheet music archive. Especially the design of the notes is now much clearer and also easier to read. However, the most important innovation was certainly the introduction of chord symbols in all pieces. Everyone found this to be the most important innovation, as it allows for interaction with other musicians. Even musicians who are not so confident in reading music will be able to play with the notes.
Of course, in the meantime, the videos are also provided with chord symbols.

I have written some new pieces in the last few years that are also playable for beginners and I have tried to keep the keys playable and above all to make easy piano versions.

I am especially fascinated by the improvisation I use in many pieces. It allows me to freely express my creativity and musical intuition.
When I lose myself at the piano and simply enjoy the moment, the most beautiful and emotional melodies often emerge. It is a feeling of absolute freedom and expression that I enjoy very much.
Playing the piano has always been more than just a hobby or a pastime for me. It’s a retreat where I can completely focus on the music. In these moments I melt into the sound of the piano and forget everything around me. It is a truly meditative state that charges me with positive energy and fills me with a sense of satisfaction when another new piece is accomplished.
Most of the pieces are created in these moments.

Piano music, and improvisation in particular, have enriched my life and given me an expression that I have long missed. They are my personal expression of freedom, creativity and passion. I am grateful for the opportunity to express myself in this way and will continue to indulge in piano music to make my soul resound.
This is what I try to pass on to you.

I am working intensively on this sheet music store, some things are not perfect yet but if you participate with the ratings and your criticisms it will get better and better.

What’s new in the near future:

The songbooks with new themes are expanded
There will be more Easy Piano pieces
The classical area with own arrangements will grow

and of course I continue to make my selected cover edits which are still available at www.musicnotes.com. My catalog there now includes almost 400 titles

I wish you now happy browsing in my music store

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